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LANDLORDSIf you are having problems with tenants, or your property is vacant longer than you expected, we are here to help. If you would like to sell your property, we can find the best solution for your situation. We can offer you a faster and easier way to achieve your objectives.

If you would like to keep your property, we will be happy to lease your property for the long term. We will guarantee monthly rental payments, regardless of whether your property is empty or not. You will not have to worry about voids or tenancy problems. As we are not agents, we will not charge any commission. We will hand back the property to you after the lease period has expired, in better condition than it was received.

Long lease may be the perfect solution for you if you are fed up with being a landlord and need to wait for property prices to pick up to sell your property. We could even rent your property now and agree to buy it in a few years' time, at a price that is good for you, and good for us.

Property Developer

DEVELOPERSDeveloping properties can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. But, all the pleasure and pride can drift away if your property doesn't sell or you run out of finance to finish it. It can become a problem that just hangs over you for months and sometimes years. It can sometimes take a brave person to accept that it's time to move on. If you are a property developer who is ready to sell, we can help.

As a professional property purchasing company, we have finance solutions in place which allow us to buy any property fast. We buy commercial properties and land too, so if you have surplus land or have been offered land, we can buy it or discuss the possibility of a joint venture.

Estate Agents

ESTATE_AGENTSWe work with estate agents who want to sell properties fast for their clients. We specialize in buying properties fast and can offer property sale solutions that suit the needs of your client. We are working with many estate agents and we can offer the same professional service to you. And, we always pay commissions on the asking price.

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